Henry Saiz - Winter 2011 DJ Set

Henry Saiz is the creator of a style that is a combination of his love for all things electronic.
Henry's sound refuses to fall into a singular category, he takes in influence on many different levels and incorporates this into his live and DJ sets by forging a perfect balance of Electronica, Disco, House and Techno. The following mix is complete version of the last sets heard in Dance Department & Sutil Sentations , and recorded during december 2011 and january 2012.

Henry Saiz - Winter 2011 DJ Set [Direct download]

Dirt Crew "Groove" (Good Guy Mikesh Filburt Remix)
+ Alddao "crazy love show" (Armed Remix VisiĆ³n)
Cora Novoa & SpaceMan "BlackHeart" (Kornelius' Acid Heart Remix)
Terje Saether "Scared Feat. Malin Pettersen" (Freska & Daniel Kyos Darkroom Dub)
Martin Brodin "Badabing" (DiskJokke Remix)
Cosmonauts "Cycle eyes"
Mark E "Belvide Beat"
Kris Menace "Pingelig" Feat Douze
Daniel Solar "A walk in the park" (Pional Remix)
Phil Kieran "Church Organ Nightmare"
Marc Marzenit & Henry Saiz "Radiance" (King Unique Remix)
Matteo Scaioli "Diamante"
Gregor Tresher "Kingdom of Light"
Henry Saiz "La marea" (Dosem Remix)
Damabiah "Irminsul, le pillier du monde" (Andrew Bayer Remix)

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