iO - Mulen Podcast #01

Drive D and Artem Yellow are two talented house fans and DJ's which are behind the Ukrainian act "iO".
They have made their way to the electronic music scene with the smashing "Cabaret" EP in 2009 on Diynamic.
And since then with a wide range of ep's on Area Remote , BlaBla Records & SK Supreme Records.
Starting their own vinyl based label "Mulen" with deep tech-house & a modern techno approach they have succesfully released the first EP in 2012 titled "Lazy Time" feat. Goshva. Their style is best described as groovy tech-house and they get their inspiration from mother nature: the sun, the sky and the weather.
They have compiled & mixed together some of their favourite tracks and they sure know how make you dance.

iO - Mulen Podcast #01 [Direct download]

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